Some Videos to show how the methods and materials are used in Applied Grammar.

An introduction to the methods and materials used in the Applied Grammar program.

Using the new sentence patterns to create grammatically correct sentences. This reinforces the concept and helps to anchor it in the long term memory. It also helps to improve the student's writing.


How to use the Word Tool Boxes to increase vocabulary, reinforce the concept of parts of speech, and improve writing.

How to help your student master the concept of the pronoun and how it is used. The student learns how to recognize the pronoun by the job it does in the sentence, rather than as a word on a list.

There are good reasons to memorize information.


Some final thoughts about using Applied Grammar to tech grammar and writing.

How to use the laminated mats to teach new sentence patterns.

Using Writing Folders to categorize words by parts of speech, create word banks for different subjects, and use the grammar concept in subjects other than grammar or writing.


Helpful tips for teaching English Grammar and writing.                                      

The different grammar concepts can be seen as different patterns in the colored laminated mats.


Run on sentences are easy to see visually when you diagram sentences with the color coding system that we use.