What Parents say.

Dear Gail,

I first of all must write to say how brilliantly we have progressed with your curriculum. I don't know if you'll remember me, we are in England and your husband kindly arranged for us to purchase your books via PDF. Well my son has completed the first workbook (Elementary 1) and now knows what a noun, verb, adjective, adverb and preposition is. His writing style has improved no end. He wrote up 3 project reports for 3 woodwork projects he'd done and entered them into a competition. He won gold for each project and was told they were the best quality reports there! He enjoys writing more now. Thank you so much.

( - - -)

Many thanks for all your hard work,




Hi Gail,

Just wanted to let you know that Jared had a paper due this marking period. He did it and turned it in before Brent or I knew anything about it. He got a 98% on the paper 196/200!!

I thought that was pretty amazing and wanted to share it with you!




Thank you for coming to Teach Them Diligently this weekend! I am beyond excited about starting your program with my kids! My oldest three (12, 10, and 8) were still awake when I got home last night and I asked them if they would like to throw their English books away and take a Noun walk on Monday instead.

I was met first with disbelief, followed quickly by large smiles and then a huge hug!:) After spending some time looking over your manual this afternoon, I feel confident that God had you write this program with me and my children in mind!

These lessons look easy to teach and I know my kids are the kind to think that having a "think pad" and "toolbox" will be synonymous with fun! They already love All About Spelling and this could easily be named All About Grammar (or Grammar Without Tears!)! The lessons are scripted for me, there is built-in review and the color coded cards provide the "pegs" you described!

My dyslexic daughter is going to LOVE the cards with words already spelled correctly on them, and I already love the fact that she is going to feel successful forming sentences before she has to pick up her pencil!

Thank you for using your gift of language to serve my family and other home-schoolers!

Thank you!

Amy K.



We started Applied Grammar and I must report, for the first time we all were wearing smiles after a lesson of grammar.



More from Beth M.

I just wanted to tell you in writing, what I've been telling you on the phone. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this program!! It has truly been a God-send for my multi-sensory learner. As I told you on the phone, up until a few months ago, I was absolutely convinced that my youngest son had some kind of learning disability. God opened my eyes and revealed to me that he just learns differently and I needed to find the right key to unlocking the door to his learning style. "Applied Grammar" has been that key!! I can't thank you enough for creating this program and making school a joy for us, instead of a daily battle!! God bless you!!


Beth M. writes:

I spoke to you about a month ago and ordered Elementary Level 1 for my son. It is working GREAT and I can see huge improvements!! Thank you!!



Applied Grammar makes teaching and learning grammar a joy. It's simple yet comprehensive and wonderfully complements any home school approach & setting. Applied Grammar empowers students to become better writers by applying what they've learned about grammar to their own writing in all school subjects and in personal writing. It's easy to use and requires little preparation, which is a real blessing when you are a busy wife and mother. Mrs. Brubaker is wonderful and supportive.

I highly recommend Applied Grammar...and Mrs. Brubaker!

Suzanne P.


As a home school mother, I have found Applied Grammar an answer to prayer. In fact that's exactly what it is. I had prayed for God's guidance in a grammar curriculum, and while attending a home school conference, I found Applied Grammar. The simplicity of the concept of teaching grammar in this way has helped my children so much. The concept of giving them the colored posters has been an idea that has helped my children and myself. From my personal view, we teach children to walk and talk by repeating what we do, but when it came to teaching my children the parts of speech, I expected them to " just know." Thank you so much for creating this curriculum. We look forward to continue using it.

Amanda H.


I was a new homeschooling mom and was having a very difficult time trying to teach grammar to my kids. We needed something that was not so hard to comprehend for all of us. I found Applied Grammar and figured I would try it. After getting off the phone with Gail, I felt so excited about this new way of teaching grammar. Once the kids and I started, the frustration was completely gone. The colors and the structure were so easy to follow and understand. It has been five years since I first used this program. My two eldest are now in high school, and we still use the cards and the posters are still on the walls. They don't come down. Whenever there is difficulty in understanding a sentence, we take out our highlighters and get to work. I would recommend Applied Grammar to anyone.

Leshia M.

Gaithersburg, MD


My son, Michael, has been working with Mrs. Brubaker since November, 2006. He was failing his second year of 8th grade, and was a very sad and depressed young man. He has attended a small Christian school since pre-K. He has always struggled with school work. He was diagnosed with ADD and Dysgraphia in 2nd grade. He is presently in 12th Grade.

When Michael started with Mrs. Brubaker, he could not write a complete sentence or identify parts of speech. He worked with Applied Grammar for approximately one year; starting at the elementary level. He now can write complete research papers and reports using adaptations that Mrs. Brubaker has taught him.

Michael's confidence and self esteem has blossomed......

Mrs. Sherri G., Michael's Mom.


What Teachers say.

From the desk of Mrs. Marjorie S., retired Special Education Teacher

What is Applied Grammar? It is multi-sensory, color coded, flash cards, markers, deliberate step-by-step lessons that include the basics in grammar and writing. It has proven to be the most valuable tool I have ever used in 25 years of teaching! I have used this with students in grades 2 through 5 in both learning support classrooms and in regular education classrooms. My students have gone from not being able to write a simple sent ence to writing paragraphs, stories, and other multi-paragraph pieces with excellent sentence structure. Children using this program actually can't wait for this class. I have had students with learning disabilities be able to work side by side with the regular education students in inclusive classrooms with just as much enthusiasm and ability. Students want to participate because they see that they can succeed. As a teacher, one of the greatest rewards is seeing your students succeed and enjoy it.


“It’s pretty, it’s fun, and my students are learning!”

“an awesome answer to learning English”

“-a wonderful way to teach the students how the language works and how the parts of speech work together.”

“What a wonderful program!”

“a wonderful way to teach grammar and basics of writing to children of different levels in your class”

“brand new idea for me to use and implement easily”

“a visual, logical, step by step (but flexible) way to teach grammar to my students. The method is easily integrated into spelling, writing and other subjects. It makes sense with brain research and developmental levels.”

“hands on and very visual approach to teaching grammar. (A) very effective teaching method.”