Literature Journal Requirements

1. Try to read a book a week. 45 minutes each day is the minimum requirement.

2. Write the following information about the book in your journal. 30 minutes estimated time daily until all  requirements (2-7) are completed. Then move on to another book and repeat requirements 2-7.

        a. Author and title

        b. Historical context of the author’s life and the book

        c. A short biography of the author

        d. Type of Genre

        e. Literary time period

3. As you read, keep a running list of new vocabulary words and their definitions.

4. Write down examples of grammar concepts or literary devices.

5. Write down any impressive sections or word choices and tell why they impress you.

6. Try to mimic the word usage, style or voice by writing a short section like those that you have chosen to copy.

7. When you are done reading, write a short summary of the book.

8 Tell what the author’s world view is and whether or not you agree with the author.

9. Write a critique of the book and author.

10. Note whether or not this would be a book for use in a creative writing exercise.

This is written to be a four-year program; however, the author list is huge. I suggest going to your state standards to see which books your state recommends reading (if that concerns you) or going to people that you trust to ask for guidance. I do not endorse all of these authors, or all of the literature. Please use your own discretion or guidance from parents about which authors and works to read. You should be able to gain as little or as much out of this program as you wish. I will have added a list of the books recommended by people that I trust. Check the appendix at the end of the book for the total list and recommended list.