Lesson 1

Compound Subjects and Conjunctions


Write the following sentences. Then diagram them in color and put a line between the subject and the predicate.

  1. The strong man caught the falling child in his arms.
  2. How did he manage to keep his balance?
  3. Let’s write a story about a strong, wise hero.

On your think pad write the name and definition of each of the following parts of speech:

  • Noun, Adjective, Verb,  Adverb, Article, Preposition, and Interrogative.
  • Check your answers with the back of your book. Do not go on if you did not know these.
  • Go back to the previous level and review.


  Make vocabulary matching game cards with the following words and definitions.

Compound Subject: A compound subject is when two or more people, things, or ideas do or are being something in the sentence. They are connected by using commas and the conjunction. 

Conjunction: A conjunction is a word that connects two or more subjects, two or more predicates, or two complete thoughts. We underline them in black. Ex:“and”.

                          Comp. Sub.

     Examples:      Jane and Suzy /went to the store.

                               Comp. Sub.

                     Steve, Bob, and Curt /are good friends.

If there is more than one subject in a sentence use the rule for commas in a list.

RULE: If there are only two items in a list, simply put the conjunction “and” in between them. If  there are more than two subjects, place a comma after each ( except the last one) then place “and” before the last one in the list.

Put this pattern on the board or table using your colored mats:

                 white    pink    black    orange pink    green    yellow    white    pink.

Create 4 sentences that follow this pattern. One has been created for you to use as an example.

                 Ex. The girls and little boys gave away gifts.





Color code each word in the sentence. Place a vertical line between the subject and the predicate.

Writing Assignment: Narrative

Tell about an event that you shared with a group ( family, friends, classmates). Be sure to use at least 2 compound subjects. When done, put your essay into the sloppy copy side of your writing folder.

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