Elementary Level

Lesson 6


  • Instruct the students to take out their writing folder and write down one more common noun, proper noun, verb, and adjective in the proper word bank.
  • While they are doing this write a sentence on the board that is not color coded. (Don’t use the mats).
  • Ask the students to color code the sentence using their colors. You may need toremind them to use the charts and their word banks to help them. (This can be used as an assessment)


  1. Take the yellow mat and place it at the end of the sentence on the board and ask the students what words would make sense there.
  2. Ask the students to write two of the words they thought of onto their class work papers.
  3. Ask the students to write on their paper what questions their words might answer.
  4. Ask the students to use the charts to find out what kind of word it is. Ask them to whisper what they think it is to their partners.
  5. Ask the students to write the word “adverb” onto their papers.
  6. Ask the students to think of and write on their papers one word that can tellw here, one that can tell when, and one that can tell how something is done.
  7. Students should copy those that are correct in their word banks.
  8. Show the students, using the mat, that adverbs that answer “where?” are usually placed in the predicate. Adverbs that answer the questions “when?” and “how?” can be in other parts of the sentence. Read the sentence with the adverbs in different places. Let the students decide which placements sound correct and which one sounds best to them.
  9. Write a sentence on the board that the students copy onto their papers. Allow them time to experiment with putting the adverbs in different places. (You could let them write the words on the correct color of paper and let them manipulate the words and practice listening to the sentence patterns.)
  10. Explain to the students that even though they have learned this one pattern, it is not the only one. There are many correct patterns to learn and it is good to use a variety of patterns when you are writing to avoid boredom.


Allow the class for the rest of the class time to use the tool box word cards to create interesting sentences. Remind students to keep a “subject, predicate, period” pattern.

© G. E. Brubaker July 24, 2003