Based on Cognitive Research

Scientists have learned a lot over the past 50 years about which factors encourage learning. Mrs. Brubaker took full advantage of this information in developing her Writing Program.    

  1. Studies show that the more connections a student's brain can make between a new idea and already-assimilated concepts, the more readily the new idea will be retained. Mrs. Brubaker's Writing Program has color associations built right in to help students retain key concepts.
  2. Keeping students engaged in the activities of the classroom is critical to retention.  Mrs. Brubaker's Writing Program elicits responses from all students about every three minutes.  This keeps students focused and learning!
  3. Four "higher-order thinking skills" have been identified that are crucial to successful learning.  Mrs. Brubaker's Writing Program engages students in practicing every one of these higher-order thinking skills.
  4. Mrs. Brubaker's Writing Program teaches the parts of speech in the same order that a young child acquires them. This progression follows the pattern of the brain's natural language development.

The Higher Order Thinking Skills

  1. Seeing and Understanding Patterns
  2. Categorization (not only memorization)
  3. Induction and Deduction
  4. Criticizing (To make a considered assessment of the qualities of something)