Year 1:          Literature Journal all year    Choose current or 20th century Authors

                        1st Quarter: Part 1; Essay Writing

                        2nd Quarter: Term Paper in Science

                        3rd Quarter: Research Paper in History

                        4th Quarter: Literary Devices

Year 2:          Literature Journal all year     Choose 18th and 19th Century Authors

                        1st Quarter: Part 1; Essay Writing

                        2nd Quarter: Term Paper in History

                        3rd Quarter: Research Paper in Science

                        4th Quarter: Poetry Section

Year 3:          Literature Journal all year    Choose Ancient Works

                        1st Quarter: Creative Writing

                        2nd Quarter: Term Paper- Your choice

                        3rd Quarter: Research Paper- Your choice

                        4th Quarter: Essays about some of the Literature you are reading

Year 4:          Literature Journal all year   Choose 17th Century Authors

                        1st Quarter: Review all Grammar terms and Definitions. Research paper in English

                        2nd Quarter: Review all literary devices and use them in creative writing

                        3rd Quarter: Research paper- your choice

                        4th Quarter: Just Literature Journal

Schedule in more detail

Year 1 - 1st Quarter

You will have three main tasks each day throughout the quarter.

  1. Read a book – at least 45 minutes per day.  Choose books from the 1900’s or 2000’s.
  2. Work on your Literature Journal 30 minutes per day.  When both your book has been read and your Literature Journal is complete for that book (see Literature Journal Requirements), you may choose another one.
  3. Complete one lesson per week, including the grammar terms and the written activity to a grade of 92% or higher (See Rubric for how to grade the different types of writing).  It is possible that a lesson may take longer than one week.  If so, don’t move on until you have mastered the lesson.  It will benefit you in the long-run to go at a slower pace and learn the material well. Use the Rubric for Essays and Creative Writing found in the appendix to grade your essays.

Week 1:

  • Begin reading (45 minutes/day) and journaling (30 minutes/day) your book from the 1900’s or 2000’s.  Do Lesson 1 in the Essay Section.
Week 2:
  • Read selected book at least 45 minutes/day and work on your journal 30 minutes/day. Do Lesson 2 in the Essay section.