NEW: Private Kindergarten

Gail Brubaker is offering a professional, private, Christian Kindergarten for those who want to ensure that their child has a warm and secure first year experience of school.

Gail is a PA certified teacher with many years of experience under her belt. She is known for her unique ability to motivate and discipline with love and firmness. (see resume and references)

See her in action by asking for your free DVD of her teaching a group of homeschooled children, or call 717-432-4890 and ask for a time to visit and get to know her. Once you do, you will be sure you want your child to be her student.

Classes will be only six children with Gail and an aide. Just think of the personal attention your child will receive as they take their first journey into structured learning. Kindergarten classes will be three hours long and four days a week:

Monday through Thursday. AM classes will be 8:30 to 11:30 and PM classes will be 12:30 to 3:30.

For your child’s security, the only rooms accessible during school hours will be the classroom, the play and reading area, the dining and kitchen area, and the guest bathroom. All other rooms will be locked and inaccessible. All classes and areas in use will be permanently recorded for transparency and security. Recordings will be available for parents upon request. Any discipline issues will be discussed with parents, and parents will know about all behavior modification/ behavior methods. Gail believes strongly in a team effort when helping students to comply with appropriate classroom expectations.

Art, music and gym will be included in the curriculum. The spacious country yard will be used for out-door science classes and educational games. Check out the pictures of our classroom environment.

Your child is going to LOVE going to school at the GLiz kindergarten.

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